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  • New Scholl Shoe

      I have 2 pairs of Scholl shoes and I love them a lot coz they are so comfortable and last long too… If you are walking far, Scholl should be your best companion coz they give you great comfort throughout your journey.


      I always wished that they have some attractive collections, so that I’ll be a ble to wear them to office. Most of their designs will only suit as casual wear and their office wear collections are not eye-catching. Well, now Scholl is getting more creative in their design and I found a perfect pair for my office. It is about 3inch tall and I love the gold buckle so much. Everyone in my office admired the shoe and even my boss went to get a pair for herself. If you are interested, you can find them in Maju Junction Scholl. I tried to find it at other outlets but they did not have this particular shoe design.