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  • San Cora painting is awesome…






    Take a guess… is the wall painted or is it a wall paper??? Hehehe… I think you’ve already known if you looked at the title of my blog. I am sure quite number of you haven’t heard of this paint. Well, when I first saw it I never heard of it too… but I didn’t realise much later that their banner and advertising board are everywhere… I guess I just never paid attention to it.

    Anyway, when we were looking for paints for our new house, I came across San Cora. It was beautiful and I told my husband and he too was impressed with the paint. They come in two type which is uno and deux. We took uno. Deux will give you a metallic finishing and we didn’t like it very much. If you are wondering about the price, I think we bought it about RM255 (promotion). It comes with a brush and a plastic thing that you will use after painting to even out the colour on the wall. One tong will cover about 200sqft and I painted our living room and kitchen (yes, I like my kitchen to be attractive too 😛 ) I still have a quarter of the tong left.

    By the way, its not easy to paint this by yourself. The paint comes with a cd which will teach you how to paint it. Make sure you watch it. My cousin and I paint the wall by ourselves. We asked for professionals to do it but they charged about RM900 (price includes San Cora Paint) just for one wall… What the heck???!!! I was shocked when they told me the price. We painted by ourselves and we are happy with the results… Our guests love the wall very much and they even planned to do it in their house… :)

    So, if you are looking anyone to paint San Cora… maybe I can come and paint at a special price… hahaha….