Review: Beautylabo – Shake n Scoop Whip Hair Colour from Japan

Going to dye my hair... #temporaryhairdye #beautylabo #hairdye

Have you tried the BeautyLabo Hair Dye?? Recently, I bought this Milk Caramelisee colour just to try dying my hair at home. I was so scared when I was applying the dye coz it has so many dos and donts. I was also scared that the dye is going to taint my bathroom floor that I put layers of newspaper on the floor. I applied the product gently on my hair and not too much of product as well… I was afraid that too much of product might affect my scalp as well… hahaha. Anyway, after about 20 minutes leaving it, I washed it off using my own shampoo and later I used the conditioner provided in the box as well. I didn’t take a picture of the after result coz I couldn’t see any difference in my hair colour.


My overall verdict about the product is OKlaaaa… Perhaps the colour I chose was not suitable for me. My friends said my hair colour looks the same. But I realised that after about a week, when the colour starts to fade, you can see the caramelised hair colour a bit under the sun or lights. The dye lasted on my hair for about 3 weeks. For a price of RM26.90 (after discount),  I think the product produce some good results. By the way, to my Muslim friends, it is HALAL. I saw beautylabo has Cotton Candy (Pink), so I might want to try that next. I will definitely post a picture for that one.

REMINDER : As I had short hair, there was a lot of product which was left. I dumped it in the drain and the combination between the product and water produced some serious ammonia smell (like rotten egg). Do not put your face too close to the product because you might accidentally inhale ammonia

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