My Sewing Project: A Blouse

Sewed this blouse myself... It is a totally different feeling when you wear something that is DIY. My mom would definitely be proud of me...

Yaaay… A blouse which I took about 3 hours to sew. I couldn’t believe I sewed that but once I finished it, I was really proud of myself and can’t really stop admiring myself on the mirror with that blouse on. Hahaha….

I bought that pants at Uniqlo a while ago but I don’t wear it very often because I can’t match it well with any other blouse which I have. I tried looking for one in stores but it is very difficult to find a blouse which is long enough to cover my butt (hehehe… yeah, I am quite conservative in some ways). So, suddenly at about 945pm, I suppose to come up stairs to start blogging but decided to do something else… I picked one of the fabrics which I bought when Jackal was on sales a couple of months ago. Voila!!! 3 hours later my blouse is done.

It was no easy job sewing actually, I was at the verge of giving up when I wrongly stitched the sleeve wrong side but I picked myself up and fix that immediately. Thank god, I didn’t give up, if not only God knows how long would I have taken to finally finish up that blouse… hehehe…

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