New hobby: Sewing own garment!!!


My upcoming sewing project

My mom is a tailor and when I was young she did teach me how to sew but I was not keen at that time. I used to think I rather buy a dress than sewing one coz it will take me such long time. However, in today’s world to find a design that I like usually means I have to fork out a great amount $$$. Adding to that, there will be some which are reasonably priced but the garment will have some sort of designs with frills or some ugly design on it, so I will end up not buying it.

So, I wondered maybe sewing a garment myself is a great idea coz I get to pick my own fabric and design. When I started sewing, I realised it is not that hard and the most I take to finish a garment is a day when I am focused and not disturbed. I get my patterns via online from Simplicity. They are reasonably priced and contains many interesting and attractive design. My favourite is New Look designs coz it is cheaper if you compare to simplicity designs. But Simplicity design has a variety of selection which is really attractive and elegant. My mom did offer to create the patterns for me, so that, all I have to do is sewing online. But I decided to get the patterns online coz it is a lot fancier and I can pick what type of design I like.

The satisfaction I have when I adorned a garment done by myself is unexplainable. Now, I am buying more materials to sew more… My future posts will include my successful sewing projects as well.

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  1. lucy says:

    congratulations on starting to sew your own clothes. I am about to do the same and am looking for people to share learning experience together. Wish you all the best.
    Come have a look at It’s a site created out of love for my sewing hobby :)

    • vinnie says:

      thank you. congratulations on your new venture as well. Saw your site.. you’ve got some awesome collections of fabrics…

      • lucy says:

        Thank you for your lovely comment Vinnie. I’ve got new stocks coming in tomorrow and I’m so excited. Do share your dressmaking experience when you start :)

  2. Sheryl says:

    Hi hi, may i ask does simplicity ships directly to malaysia?? Any taxes imply at malaysia custom?

    • vinnie says:

      Yes, it did ship to Malaysia. Taxes was not implied as the amount was lower than RM500. If items ordered are more than RM500 (including shipping and handling) we will be taxed. Thank you for reading and good luck.


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