Let Sampar Skin Quenching Mist quench your parched skin

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I have always liked facial mist because it can hydrate skin whenever I am outside of my house. In today’s climate, the hot weather can cause our skin to be dry and you do need to rehydrate your skin frequently.


When I got the Sampar Quenching Mist, I was really delighted. Working in air-conditioned room is very bad for my skin and it dries my skin often. Thanks to the Quenching Mist, I can just spray the mist when I feel my skin is dry. Sometimes, even when I am outside in the hot sun, spraying this mist gives the cool sense to my skin and I feel refresh instantly. If you are a frequent air traveller, this Sampar Quenching Mist will be a great companion for you too because it can instantly refresh you when you are just about to land.

It is alcohol free  and I love the rose scent when I spray it on my face. My husband loves the smell too, he thought I was wearing a new perfume :) I always spray it in the morning and night to my face. After cleansing my face, I would spray the mist about 30cm away from my face. The mist acts as a moisturizing face toner.  Alternatively, you can spray it on a cotton pad and gently pat it on your face, neck and eye. Then, I will apply serum and moisturising cream. If you are wondering whether it will suit your skin, don’t worry… It is suitable for all skin types.

Price wise, I think it is reasonable. 100ml bottle lasts till now for me. I’ve been using it for about 2 months and I still have 1/2 bottle filled. Probably I am using it stingily 😛 Anyway, this is one of my daily essentials in my handbag to freshen me up.

By the way, you can also try this as a compress for the eyelids. 


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