SAMPAR MIDNIGHT MASK that makes your skin dewy mewy…

Okay dewy mewy is not even a proper word… I wanted it to rhyme, hence I said dewy mewy… 😛 Anyway,  before this, I have raved about the Sampar’s Glamour Eye Shot which is truly amazing… Now, I have came across another Sampar product which is super awesome.

You know, when you are a working woman, it is impossible for you to find some time to go for a facial or even do your own facial. Lately, I have neglected my face because of so much work in my office [and that is why I have been neglecting this blog lately too :( ], thus maintaining facial routine is the last thing in my mind. I love to wear mask because I like to keep my face hydrated. Furthermore, dry face can cause wrinkles on your face much faster. Unfortunately, if I wear a mask I have to wait on it for 20 minutes to set in before washing it off and going to bed. But within that 20 minutes, I will doze off and the next thing I know, it is already morning. Aish!!! My pillow has the mask stain and I got to wash it because it looks as though I have drooled all over my pillow.. hahahaha…

Twist to turn off or own. Picture taken from

Twist to turn off or on. Picture taken from

All those hassle are over because my recent discovery with Sampar has brought me to ‘So Much to Dew Midnight Mask’ a mask that hydrates and repulps. The tube has a brush on it which you can just twist to turn it on or off. So, there won’t be any product overflow when you keep it in your bag. You must apply the product on a perfectly cleansed skin and with the brush, apply a thin layer on your whole face. By the way, the brush makes it easy to apply on my face and it saves me a lot of time. I don’t even have wait for 20 minutes to wash it off. I can sleep in it and it doesn’t smear on my pillow. All I got to do is to wash it off the next day. I feel my skin is softer and a lot smoother too.


I don’t know whether you notice the changes between the before and after picture but I have lesser wrinkles on my forehead and my pores are less visible in the after pictures. To conclude, I am certainly satisfied with the mask and I am using it every week without fail. By the way, if you are wondering if it is suitable for you or not, this mask is suitable for everyone [dry skin, normal skin, combination skin, oily skin and sensitive skin]


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