Happy New Year – 2013


I hope it is still not too late to wish everyone happy new year… A year passed by so soon for me… I still remember, last year i vowed that I will update my blog everyday but due to hectic schedule at my work and trying to balance my life and work at the same time made me impossible to update my blog everyday.

This year’s new year resolution is not going to be the same. I realised the resolution must be realistic and is achievable. So, following are my 2013 new year’s resolution.

  1. Losing weight – Target weight 52kg
  2. Blog as frequent as possible – 2 times in a week at least
  3. Do more video tutorial – one video a month at least
  4. Reduce staying back after working hours
  5. Learn more on how to delegate work
  6. Save money!!!
  7. Be more organised

Hmmm… Looking at my goal now, I think it is achievable and not too demanding…Well, wish me luck gals…

How about you?? Do you have your own 2013 resolution??

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