Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is amazing!!!



Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the hype right now… Everyone said that it is the best phone in Malaysia currently and so many would love to get their hands on it. Of course, I am no different than them as well… as a gadget freak … no, no, no… as a gadget queen :) I must have one too… hehehe…

Unfortunately, the price is too steep and I definitely can’t fork out RM2,299 to pay for it. Thanks to Celcom I need to pay only RM1,699 for the device when I sign for 18months contract for one of their plan. I sold off my previous Note for RM1,100 and I topped off RM600 only…hehehe… So, now I am a proud owner of the most amazing phablet, Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

I have uploaded a short unboxing video on my channel, so do watch it. By the way, if you are looking forward for a review, I’ll be posting one soon. However, if you can’t wait and really want to check out some thorough and good review, check out the TechRadar. Their review is written in detail and pretty much covers each aspect.


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