L’Oreal White Perfect Radiance Boosting Double Essence Review



Did you stumble upon this page looking for a a good serum that is equally good to the expensive brand??? Well, let me assure you that you came to the right site… I am going to introduce you to the L’Oreal White Perfect Radiance Boosting Double Essence.


Source from cloverbeautyinn.blogspot.com

The unique thing about this essence is it contains 2 nozzles which has a pinkish essence and a white essence. When you press in the middle of the nozzles, both liquid will be squeezed out at the same time. Quickly mix the two and apply it to your face. I suggest to use this with the L’Oreal Youth Code Pre Essence for best result (I assure you the result is awesome, when you combine these two). It gives me a great skin complexion and textured look evened out. Oh… my skin also has this rosy glow that shines through…  Don’t believe??? try it for yourself….

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  1. chaitra krishna says:

    hi.. i really liked the product review.. its not available in india.. by any chance can u deliver it to india?

    • vinnie says:

      Sorry, I am not a dealer for the product, so I won’t be able to deliver it to India. May I know which partof India are you? ? Befause loreal is available in India, probably the range is not introduced yet in your part or it is being sold at specific stores only


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