Namdaemun Market in Seoul, Korea

Do you love shopping??? Then, I’m sure, you would love shopping in Namdaemun Market. I love this place because you could find practically anything here. I bought lots of souvenirs here and some gorgeous brooches too…

Namdaemun Market has several gates.


Namdaemun Market is really huge. I think you can get lost if you are not careful. I did not get lost though coz I’m a person who always like to be aware of my surroundings if I’m in a place that I’m not used too.. The gates and shops look almost similar to each other and it can be quite confusing.

Bought this for 11,000 won. You can't get any cheaper than this.


Seoul, Korea magnet is the new addition to my mother in law's fridge magnets collection

Anyway, to get souvenirs, you can get it either in Itaewon or at the Namdaemun Market. Based on my experience, I’d suggest Itaewon because T-shirts and magnets were quite cheap there. Namdaemun was quite expensive. For example, I bought a cotton T-shirt for 7000 won but in Itaewon, it was 5000 won only. It’s not that I’m not good at bargaining (well, to tell the truth I’m no expert in bargaining… hehehe) but people there don’t reduce like in Petaling Street. So, I thought 7000 won was cheap enough (by the way the t-shirts are good quality)


Brooches and Jewelleries... it's heaven for girls like me....

More shops... the makings of the jewelleries are done here...

Korean brooches are really famous in Malaysia… but guess what, in South Korea, women here are not a big fan of brooches. It was like a Brooch Haven for me. They were so beautiful and I started to get greedy and almost finished my money… (I spent ¾ on brooches and jewelleries). They have various sizes of brooches, pearl necklaces, rings and etc. The workmanship is really good and I think the prices are 1/2 of what you can buy in Malaysia.

Souvenirs in Insadong

Insadong is a great place to buy souvenirs as well


All in all, I think it is safe to say that brooches and jewelleries are must buys from Namdaemun Market because it is cheaper here than in Malaysia. So, for those of you who are still wondering what to get from Seoul, grab the brooches or jewelleries for yourself, girlfriends, bff or your mom..

Air Asia is having promotion now to Seoul,Korea at about RM 400++ all in fare… grab it before it is gone…

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  1. John Kim says:

    I’ve been here, a lot of great deals, but you can get ripped off if they know you are a tourist

  2. Fauzan says:

    Can you tell me the price of the brooches?
    Fauzan recently posted..Segmen I Follow U by NanieyBarnieyLurviey

    • vinnie says:

      If i am not mistaken 1 was 2000won. But it was medium in size. Larger ones and the more intricate designs are much more expensive. It can go up to 20,000won. A representative from the embassy of malaysia brought us to the shop. So, i think the price i got was quite cheap compared to other place.

  3. Sharie says:

    Hi Vinnie,

    I visited this website by chance and really think this is very useful info.

    I actually is looking a place in Korea that I get brooches in bulk. Where is exactly Nandaemun? Is it in Seoul or near it? Which nearby hotel which is considered cheap or affordable? Hope to get your reply. Appreciate it.

    • vinnie says:

      sorry for the late response. Namdaemun is in Seoul. You can take the train to go there. There are hotels which offer about RM150 per night somewhere near Namdaemun… maybe you can check it out at for good deals. During my stay there, I didn’t struggle to go around Seoul… All I need was a map and I can explore Seoul all by myself… good luck…

  4. Amanda Musa says:

    dear sis,
    may i know the earing price?
    Amanda Musa recently posted..Otak Udang

    • vinnie says:

      I can’t remember how much were the ear rings there but I think it was about RM10. It was not very expensive. So I bought a few ear rings there :)


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