Korea, here I come!!!

  That’s right, tonight I’m leaving to South Korea for 12 days. I’m attending an on job training there and I am looking forward for the trip. Out of 268 people who applied, only 20 persons were selected and I am one of the 20… Wohooo…. 

Beautiful Korea at night


   It’s spring now in Korea and there’s going to be a lot of sakura flowers blooming there… wow, can’t wait to see them… I still remember, during the olympic in China, the Sakura flowers were so beautifully decorated and at that time, I thought to myself, I want to see the flowers in person… I can’t believe that my wish is going to come true…

Beautiful Sakura flowers in Korea

   Well, I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to blog when I’m there coz the schedule is going to be so tight… but I’m really hoping to spend just a few minutes give some updates about my trip. Okay, since I’m going to South Korea, I have no clue what to get from there. I understand the brooches there are fine quality and other than that, I don’t know what else is worth getting from there… Have you guys been there??? What are your suggestions…

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  1. Ciklilyputih says:

    have a safe journey… apa lagi shopping jelah kan..
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