• Hair dying experience at 76style in Mont Kiara


    Last week, I decided to get a hair dye because after all the exam tension, I thought I seriously need some TLC to get my mind straight again. Just after 1 month of joining MBA, we had our exam… I was really super stressed. So, I decided to get a hair dye… usually I will cut my hair short to make my head lighter (hahaha) but since I intend to grow it longer, I decided to just dye. I picked 76 style of course because I know that they can never go wrong and based on all the reviews I read online, 76style is quite honest in giving suggestions and comments if the colour you choose doesn’t suit you. 


    I did the booking online coz it was a lot easier for me to check on which hair stylist and slot is available on the day I wanted to go. I chose the Mont Kiara branch because that was the nearest and easiest to find parking. I was 10 minutes late for my 10.30am appointment that day because I had to feed my daughter before I left. Although, it was a working day, I saw the salon was already almost full with clients cutting and getting some treatment there. Anyway, I picked Hikky to cut and dye my hair. I explained to her that I want my hair to be layered with the length maintained. When it came to colouring, I had no idea what to choose. Finally, I showed her one of the girls picture from their Instagram which hair colour I liked. Hikky told me that it was baby pink. Whoa!! I thought it was caramel or brown, I didn’t even know it is pink. I told her that I don’t want to bleach my hair and she said no problem. 



    My original hair colour and this cut was done by Jeddi from 76style as well. I did the Ultra Sonic Treatment and my hair was super smooth.

    The whole process of cutting and dying my hair took about 3 hours. Initially, I wanted to do the treatment but since I was suppose to pick up my sister in law at the airport at about 3pm, I thought I won’t have time. I regretted for not including the treatment because my hair is a bit coarse after the hair colouring. It is not frizzy or something but I can just feel that my hair is not as soft as before. So, I highly suggest to also include their hair treatment for coloured hair as it will make your hair a lot softer. I will be going back to 76style to get the treatment because their treatment is simply the best. Last time, I did their Ultra Sonic treatment, my hair got so much better and softer. 

    Cost : Hair Dye + Cut by Director (Hikky) = RM320


  • Devastating day for me – MH17

    Bsxwuk-IQAEp15D.jpg-largeI was very disturbed after discovering that the MAS plane was shot down. I was about to go to sleep when I received WhatsApp from friends about the incident at about 12.30am. I was hoping it was a hoax but sadly, it wasn’t. Later in the day, I found out, some who were in the plane are friends of friends and family members of friends. There was a young couple who with infant were also perished…. they didn’t even get to have enough time to live in the world.

    My thoughts were immediately shifted to my own family. Have I said enough I love you to them, have I given enough hug… My heart was really really heavy… Life is so short… We must remember to live today, like there is no tomorrow and the truth is we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. So, let us all live a life treasuring every moment with the loved ones and let them know how much you love them and how much they mean to you…

    RIP to all those perished and my heartfelt condolences to the family members.

  • Won this at baby expo

    Won this at baby expo today

    I went to the baby expo which was held at the Shah Alam Convention Centre this year. I had a few items that need to be bought such as stroller, more dresses for my daughter. Our main focus to buy a stroller because it was so difficult to find a stroller that is good quality and at a reasonable price. The baby expo was said to be the biggest in Malaysia but to my surprise, I went 1 round in less than 15 minutes… hahaha… it was not that big… Anyway, to cut the story short, I did manage to find a good stroller and bought it at a very good price (review on the stroller will come later). After paying for the stroller, we were looking for some dresses and bibs, when I heard last announcement for a lucky draw in which the prize is a 42inch LED TV. The announcer was giving countdown for the last 1 minute… so I quickly ran and wrote in my entry. Within 5 minutes, they were doing the draw and my name was announced… hahaha I was ecstatic coz I wanted to buy a TV for my bedroom and my daughter decided to give it as a gift…

  • Selling my #Panasonic multi styling straightener 6 in 1

    #Panasonic multi styling straightener 6 in 1 for easy #straightening and #curling. Retail price is RM229, I am letting it go for RM150 including cost for Pos Laju. Warranty till 24th December 2014.


    Are you looking for a curler and a straightener. Well, look no more. I am letting go my Panasonic Multi Styling Straightener 6 in 1 for RM150 including cost for Pos Laju. Retail price is RM229. Warranty till 24th December 2014. Reason for selling is after unpacking my stuff in the new house, I realised that I have more than 1 straightener and curler…

  • After a long hiatus… Updates!!!

    With such a beautiful weather...So nice to have coffee outside

    It has been a while since my last post in my blog… time certainly flew quickly…I have always been wanting to update my blog… thinking tonight… tonight … tonight… but that ‘tonight’ to update didn’t come through… :P So, why was I so busy till I don’t have time to post anything at all… here goes my list: 

    1.  I’m a Mom now

    Yup, I had my daughter in January this year… she is such a bundle of joy… I was enjoying motherhood so much that I forgot about blogging completely… hehehe… Everyday, was a new day and I enjoyed and cherished every moment of it… typing it out here in my blog… jogged my memories of feeding her in the middle of night… I was always afraid I will sleep off and I won’t here her cry… Fyi, I don’t  wake up when my alarm rings and it is pretty loud trust me… but with my daughter… I couldn’t believe that a slight cry from her will wake me up immediately and I attend to her instantly…

    2.  Renovation of New House

    We got a bigger house where my in laws and us are going to stay together. So, we need to renovate the house to accommodate all of us. Almost every weekend we were at the shopping for tiles, paint colours, kitchen cabinets and etc for the new house… it was tiring, I think for almost 5 months we didn’t have a proper weekend where we spend as a family… it was filled with activities related to the house… 

    3.  Moved in to new house

    Finally, after all the havoc, we moved in to the new house in April. But, the work in the new house was still going on because we didn’t want to wait and I had to move out from my old house because the buyer wanted to move in already. So, for almost 2 months we had to bear the dirty environment in my house with all the dust caused by the making of kitchen cabinets, wood flooring, wardrobe and the list goes on… Imagine with a baby, noise and the dusty environment.. phew… On top of that, unpacking was another headache… thank god it’s all over now.. 

    4.  Doing my Masters now

    I got government scholarship to continue my Masters. I applied to UPM, Putra Business School as I heard that PBS offers the best MBA in Malaysia since PBS is accredited by AACSB. True enough, they are good and I am so glad that I chose UPM to pursue my MBA. 

    So, that was a short update on what’s going on in my life right now… Currently, I am juggling a few roles, a mother, daughter, daughter in law, wife and a student… oooh.. add on to that list is a blogger… hahaha… My life was so packed with so many things that I didn’t have time for my hobby… I was getting very stressed and then, I realised that it was because I didn’t have time to do what I like… so, here I am sitting in front of my Macbook with my daughter sleeping in her cot and me, typing away with a smile on my face… I don’t know why, suddenly I thought about ‘Murder she wrote’. I bet those who were born after the late 80s don’t have a clue what is ‘Murder She Wrote’ :P

  • iPhone 5s is in the house…

    Digi Telco offered a special package for iPhone 5s from 31st Oct – 30 November 2013. I am not a subscriber but my mother in law received an sms indicating that iPhone 5s 16Gb is available for RM965 with iDigi 138. She wanted to get one for herself because I have been urging her to change her iPhone 4 ever since the new iPhone was released… hehehe… 

    As I am always happy accompanying people to buy gadgets… hahaha… I took her to Bukit Raja, Klang Digi store and was told there were no stock at all. They don’t know when the stock is coming in. So, from there, we went to Setia City Mall Digi store, again… no stock. Both stores only had iPhone 5c which my mother in law was not keen because the finishing of the device is not as elegant as the iPhone 5s. I called the Digi Customer service line but was told that they can’t check the stocks in their system and we have to walk in to digi stores to find out their stock availability. I asked  them to give me Pj branch number because I don’t want to drive all the way to the centre just to find out there was no stock. Unfortunately, they don’t have any branch number… Waahh… seriously??? That means, you want a device, you have to do your own hard work… Haish… 


    Anyway, I browsed Digi’s website and found out a few branches in PJ. My target was PJ SS2 or Bangsar Shopping Complex. Suddenly, my mother in law told that she knew there is one branch available in The Curve. I checked online there was none but we decided to go just check there. Upon reaching there, I asked the Concierge about the Digi Store and he mentioned that it is in Ikano… We walked to Ikano from the Curve and we were so happy when we found out that they have iPhone 5s in stock. However, it is 32Gb only. Crap!!! It is RM400 more. AFter looking into the package and all, my mother in law just decided to get the 32Gb coz she doesn’t want to go to other stores and check. So, finally we got the iPhone 5s 32 Gb in Silver… I bought a case and a screen protector for her as a gift… hehhehe… Will try to post a review later… 

  • Review: Samsung Galaxy Gear

    Thank you #samsungmy for the lovely #galaxygear


    I was one of the 500 winners for the Galaxy Gear!!!! Whoa, I was happy as a lark. I have been wanting this Gear ever since it was launched. But, for the price tag of RM999, I decided it is way too expensive for me to buy it. Besides, I already spent RM2399 for my Galaxy Note 3. So, when the opportunity came to me to join the SMS contest, I jumped on the bandwagon!! When I joined the contest, I was 100% sure I will be one of the winner… talk about positivity…hehehe…

    Anyway, let me give a short review on Gear.


    1. I like the fact that I can see my incoming calls when ever my phone is in my handbag. I don’t even have to bother taking my Note 3 out of my bag. If I want to answer it I simply answer the call on my Gear. The clarity of the speaker is quite good on both sides (receiver and caller) but if you are dealing with some private or confidential discussion, this would not be a good idea because others can definitely hear your conversation.I can also make my calls directly from my Gear because I can access my contacts directly from my phone.
    2. Your latest agenda on your calendar can also be viewed on your watch. This can be done so when you choose the clock with the time and event from a few of selection of clock display. This is very convenient for me because when ever I attend a meeting, I always have to get my phone out of my bag to look at the venue of my meeting when ever I am at the security post just to get a security pass. With Gear, all I have to do click and scroll. Even the guard was amazed!!! hahahaha
    3. I like other supported softwares such as Evernote, Chats On and Endosports which assists my daily life even better. Sometimes, I leave my phone on my desk to go to a colleague to discuss about my work, I miss important calls or messages. Thanks to Gear, I don’t miss any important messages or calls.
    4. Camera is pretty awesome too for a tiny device, image is good provided the lightings are great.



    1. You definitely can’t reply message by typing. Your only option is SVoice which by the way Sucks for now… It is not very accurate and seldom get the message right. So, I had to use my phone to reply to messages
    2. No email and social network support, which means you can’t view your email or Facebook, twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp.
    3. Sometimes, you can sense lagging; e.g. when you lift your hand to look at your watch, it takes a second for the time show. Initially, it was quite fast but after I downloaded a few stuff such as Evernote and Chats on, the device respond time deteriorate a bit but not too slow though.
    4. Price tag is quite high for the limited things that it can do.



    Overall, I love the Samsung Galaxy Gear a lot. Despite the drawbacks, I find the gear quite helpful especially, when I don’t have to hold the Note 3 unnecessarily in my hand and it remains in my bag. I am pretty sure they are going to come up with a much better version soon and rumour says that we are to expect a 2nd Generation early next year. Looking forward to it.

    Samsung Galaxy Gear is sold at RM999 in all Samsung Stores. It is available in 6 different colours.

  • Crabtree & Evelyn Christmas Gift Set 2013



    Do you have a habit of applying lotion to your body?? Well, I do. My skin is rather dry which causes irritation and reddishness. Sometimes, dry skin peels off from skin because it is just way too dry and I am not even living in a cold climate area. I have tried different brands of body lotion but the one I love the most is Crabtree & Evelyn. I always buy the green bottle which is Lily Body Lotion. The smell is really good and refreshing. I love to apply it on body after I have taken my hot shower. Combining it with the Lily Fragrance will even make the refreshing smell last long.


    Anyway, when my current stock has already finished, I found out form my friend that Crabtree & Evelyn are having some preview discounts on the Christmas Gift Set. If you are a VIP, you are entitled 30% discount but if you are not, it is 20% discount. That’s super awesome… This preview sale was only available in West Malaysia from 6th – 10th November 2013. I managed to get in on the last day of the preview. I went with the intention to buy the Lily Gift Set but when I realise that they have other types as well, I decided to try each and every one of them… hehehe…


    I love the Avocado and the Tarocco Orange. The smell is so surreal and it reminds me of garden when I smell it on my body. The Avocado is really smooth when you apply it and I would definitely recommend it to those who have really dry skin. I bought this one for my mother in law who will be celebrating her birthday soon. The set they have was bundled with the shower gel as well.


    As for the Tarocco Orange, it smells like a fresh orange, citrusy and quite sharp. The fragrant is quite distinctive compared to the Avocado. I would  have bought this but I fell in love with their Somerset Meadow which comes in a cute somewhat oval shaped box. It was bundled with a hand cream, shower gel, body lotion and fragrance. Somerset Meadow was just launched this year and fits perfectly for the Summer/Spring .

    With the freshness of a dew kissed meadow in spring. Somerset Meadow captures the uplifting green scent of wildflowers delicately balanced with water lily and ivy. An elegant fragrance for a perfect spring day.



    The smell of the Somerset is even more refreshing than the Lily. Its flowery and sweet smell definitely must be tried. I can actually sleep better after using the Somerset Shower Gel. How about that?? Their hand creams deserve a shout out too… my dry hands with chapping skin around my nails is reduced.. thanks to the mix blend of shea butter, nut oil, water lily and ivy extracts. I also noticed that my palms are not rough anymore… I am hooked to this :)



    If you would like to get this for a discount, head to their new store which is located at L3 Pavillion because they are having New Store Opening Specials from 13th – 17th November 2013. If you are staying in East Malaysia, you are in luck as well because the Christmas Preview Day is going on there on the same dates.

    This Somerset Meadow Christmas Gift set is sold at RM298 but after the 20%discount, I bought this at RM238.40

  • Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    On 25th September 2013, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was officially on sale here in Malaysia. There were some who went as early as 7am in Samsung Gardens to get a hold of this beauty. Even the store which usually opens at 10am, actually opened early on that day, at 8.30am.


    As for me, I did go to the store on the 1st day itself to buy this because I have sold off my Note 2, two weeks before the official sale… An action which I regretted a lot… hahaha… I was practically disorganised in that 2 weeks coz I am so used to jot everything in my Note 2. Though I do own Galaxy Note 10.1 but I can’t lug it around all the time. I was using my old blackberry 8250 and when ever I wanted to access some web site using my BB this sign comes up most of the time… ‘The site you are accessing is too big’. Ugh!!!


    Anyway, I was just so glad when I finally got the Note 3. Initially, I wanted to get the Pink but when I found out that they are not bringing in Pink now, I was devastated. So, I decided to get White… BUT when I went to the store, WHITE was no LONGER AVAILABLE… OMG!!! They only had 100 available in Samsung Gardens and all of it finished within an hour… WHAT???? Since I was in dire need of the phone, I had to take the BLACK. Well, Black is not that bad actually, it is a lot easier to take care of it because it is not easy to see dirt on a dark surface..  The back of the Note 3 looks really classic and like a notebook with its faux leather and stitching. It is definitely better than the plastic cases on its predecessors but the drawback is; it is harder to clean when it is dirty because of its not so smooth surface.


    Though the size of the phone is pretty similar to Note 2 but Samsung increased the screen size to 5.7 inches. The performance of the phone is super fast, thanks to the 2.3Ghz Quad-core Snapdragon 800 and 3GB memory (Currently, Samsung Malaysia brought in this model only). The screen was super bright, way better than the Note 2. I love the fact that the MultiWindow supports many applications now as I am frequent user of that function. The new Spen feature is just so awesome. Though S-Pen is available in both first and second Note but the current function on S-Pen in Note 3 is super awesome. The Action Memo is very very useful because I get to save some dress patterns that I like or when I do some reading in some website and I would like to look at it again, it will not only crop the content but also list the website address as well… You can also add a little note or tag when you want to find it in the ‘Search’


    So, what do you think of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3?? Are you planning to get it as well??

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is sold at RM2399

  • Alleppey House Boat Trip in Kerala India

    Alleppey Houseboat

    Last July, we did a family trip to Kerala, India. The main reason why we went there is to attend a relative’s wedding but we decided to make it like a family trip as well. So, basically it’s like killing 2 birds with a stone :)


    The best part being in Cochi, Kerala is shopping of course.  Since our currency rate is much higher in India, we did hell of a shopping there… hahaha… in fact, this year I have the most clothes for Deepavali. Yes, I did my Deepavali shopping very very early this year.


    Anyway, let me tell you about one of the tourist attraction in Kerala which is their Houseboat. They practically build a house on a boat… unbelievable.. hahaha…  Although there are many places in Kerala offer Houseboat trip, we picked Alleppey. The houseboat organised by Bethel Tour was a 2 storey, which has 2 rooms each in upper and lower deck. However, since we only booked 2 rooms, we were allowed to pick 2 rooms out of the 4 rooms. We picked the upper deck because the view there was much better. By the way, all the rooms are air-conditioned but not the entire boat though. Our boat journey started at about 9.30am, the surrounding area was so beautiful and I love the feeling when the gentle breeze blew across my face. Words alone can’t describe how wonderful the feeling was, you’ve got to experience it yourself.


    I kept clicking away my DSLR throughout the journey. Thank god, we are no longer in negative film era. Bless the person who invented digital memory card :) We didn’t do much activity in the boat, we just enjoyed the scenic view and the gentle breeze of air. Around noon, our lunch was served. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that, we were not the only one on the boat. There were 3 more persons, Boat Driver (is that what we call :P), The Cook and his assistant. Technically, you don’t need to do anything because everything is taken care by these 3 helpful people. As for the lunch, they served some chicken, vegetables and curries but if you want extra, you can request to the driver to stop by at a stall like shop which is located near the river bank.

    If you are not a heavy eater, I would highly suggest not to buy from the stall because dinner is provided. So, anything you buy from the stall is EXTRA and you may end up not finishing the meal. At least, that what happened to us, we were so stuffed that we could barely move after our dinner.. hehehe



    Unfortunately, we had to cut short our trip because Alleppey was on ‘Bandh’ the following day. So, instead of reaching the shore at 9am, we had to arrive there at 4am because we had to drive out of Alleppey by 6am. Otherwise, we will not be able to go out at all. ‘Bandh’ means all shops are closed and everyone practically have to stay home. Technically, it is like ‘Darurat’ in their state. It was an experience to be remembered though driving out fast from the district, I felt like I was a fugitive or some sort… hahaha… In fact, I was thinking will there be some men attacking our van like in the Tamil movie… Nothing happened though, it was a smooth journey driving out of the town :)

    Tips: I would highly suggest to buy Odomos in any pharmacies in India. At night, there are lots of mosquitoes, so using the Odomos is really helpful to keep the mosquitoes away.