• My Planner

    I've always loved being organized. Writing things down and planning my day, week even year was somethng that I've always love to do. Back then, every year, I will buy a diary, different type, different sizes but never did really use it for a full year. But, since I discovered that I can decorate my planner, I found a totally new world… I kept on writing in my planner about the things that I need to do, have done, or upcoming events and so on. I can't believe that it has been a year and I'm still using my planner diligently.

    I enjoy decorating my planner because it makes my brain to work and think creatively. All this while, I thought that I'm not a creative person but now, I'm amazed at the things that I can do. I guess, what people said is right… You'll never know until you try… Currently, I have 2 planners, the bullet journal I use for overall planner and another one is a Filofax domino which I use as my On The Go Planner. I will share about it in my future post.


    On another note, I'm so happy that I found a group who shares similar interest with me. They're the Planner Addict Malaysia. They share their creative planners in the FB page and there are so many of them who are really talented. That's where I get my inspiration and ideas for my own planner. It's a good thing that I stumbled in to this whole Planner world… This is my new hobby and I enjoy doing it…


  • Gadget Review: iPhone 6 Plus

    I'm a big fan of Samsung Note phones. In fact, I have owned the Note1, Note 2, Note 3 and Note 4. Hoewever, after the introduction of a bigger iphone series. I was eager to get one because I own almost all the Apple product such as iMac, Macbook Air, Apple TV and ipad. So, it would make sense to get an iPhone coz all my gadgets can sync together.

    The reason why I didn't like iPhone before was because the screen was too small for liking. I always like to watch Youtube in my phone, so having a smaller screen was too painful to watch. So, that's why I always thought that I will never get an iPhone (especially after Steve Jobs mentioned that he will never make the phones bigger). I finally bought iPhone 6 Plus via the Celcom package. I sold off the Note 3 (which I gave my husband to use when I bought the Note 4) and gave my hubby my Note 4.

    I was really excited after getting one and to tell the truth, I've been using it for almost 2 monhs now and I really love it. I thought that I will miss my Note 4 but so far I don't. Of course, I did miss the usage of Spen on Note 4, attaching files directly on email, the back button, deleting pictures at one go and multi screen. After updating to iOS 9, most of these drawbacks were solved. I can attach files directly on email, I can select lots of pictures in one click to save or to delete, there is back button at the top of left screen. I'm happy as a lark when I see those functions were made available in the new OS. I am not going to eloborate on the specification of this phone coz you can check it out from the Apple website.

    I am using the Spigen armour case for better protection

    So, one may ask what do I like in the iPhone 6 Plus. Following are the reason why I like the iPhone 6 Plus

    • smoother operations
    • no lagging
    • Fingerprint sensor which responds really quick to unlock phone
    • longer battery hours (My Note 4 doesn't last long as much as this one)
    • constant 4G connection (of course it finishes my Internet data)
    • photos are awesome (better than Note 4)
    • Handson app (where I can pick up what I left on my phone to my Macbook Air or iMac)
    • lots of shortcuts, easier to navigate within apps

    Following are the dislikes

    • Price is quite expensive ( I got the 64Gb)
    • No pen (I use Note 4 to jot down things really quick, now Notes in iPhone is my only option)
    • No speed dial
    • I just need to type the name in the keypad when I want to dial on android phone but in iphone I have to search for the person's name in the contact

    I can live with the drawbacks and it doesn't bother me much. The new iphone 6S and 6S Plus are much better with the new 3D touch. But, I think my current iPhone is sufficient for now.



  • Travel Review : Flee 60 Room Escape

    In the beginning of September, my husband and I celebrated our anniversary in Penang. We were staying in Hard Rock Hotel Penang (review will come later) and really enjoyed our stay there. We always travel to Penang as we have a close family friend who lives there and every time we are there, we will have feast of life time… Yup, the entire time we went there, we will eat non-stop… Hahahaha…


    This trip was different though coz this time it was only my husband and I. So, while we were at the hotel, I was thinking what else can we do in Penang. I grabbed some brochures from the hotel and was looking through the brochure I found about Flee 60 through one of the brochures. I was so excited when I read that it’s a real life adventure game… Wow… all this while, I was experiencing mystery solving games via video games but I get to experience this in real life…. no cheat codes, no game walkthrough and it’s purely cracking your head without help…

    When I told my husband about it, he was equally eager to play the game as well. So, I immediately booked it online (To ensure confirmed slots, it’s advisable to do the booking online before you go there) for a 9.30pm slot. You can pay online (RM39 per person) or pay on the spot as well. If you are a student (RM33), it’s cheaper but you’ve got to show your student card. After our dinner, we drove to the Flee 60 Room Escape which was about 5 minutes away. Don’t expect this place to be in a shopping complex… it’s situated right in front of the ‘happy mart’ near the The Ship Restaurant at Bukit Feringghi. You have to walk further in a bit before reaching the place…

    Initially we chose the ‘Dark Room’ game but the girl at the counter advised us not to play that as it was the hardest game. Since we never played the game before, she advised us to play Prison Break or the Rush Hour. We picked the latter, a game which we need to defuse a bomb. Before heading to the room, we were given one torch light and all our personal belonging such as handphones, handbags and etc were asked to be placed in the locker. The girl told us the flow of the game and time started as she left the room. The game was tough as it requires some serious thinking and trust me that was the shortest 1 hour ever… Finally, we DIED as my dear husband has detonated the bomb by cutting the wrong wire… Hahahaha….


    As we got out the room, 2 photos were taken in which we can choose our own props and pose. The photos were given as souvenir. Overall, we really enjoyed it and we even thought of going again the next day but decided not to coz we were planning to bring our family members to enjoy the game… Hehehe… If you are really into some adventure games, why don’t give Flee 60 a try, I’m sure you will love it…

  • Planner: Bullet Journalling

    A few months back, I was using Erin Condren Planner diligently but due to the effort that I need to decorate it was making me lazy to plan. Well, you may wonder, then don’t decorate, just use it as it is… Hmmm… it’s not that easy… I love my planner to look pretty and that’s the main reason why I actually have some mood to decorate. Anyway, I manage to find an alternative planner to minimise my deco time. Introducing My Bullet Journal.



    I’m using the Moleskine Large Evernote Edition for this one. I didn’t want to buy a new planner just for the bullet journalling coz I wasn’t sure how long I’m going to last using it. The Moleskine was actually my meeting notebook but since I’ve gone back to study, most of the pages were not used yet. So, I thought of using it as my bullet journal. I thought, if I’m doing this diligently, then I shall invest in a new Moleskine. The Bullet Journa was created by Brooklyn-based designer Ryder Carroll,who spent 20 years developing the method so he could stay organised. You can view the following Youtube Video to get a better idea what is Bullet journalling.

    His version is pretty simple. Bullet journal is just a place for you to dump everything such as your schedule, ideas, to dos or even your shopping list. Although, his idea is great but I like to separate certain things and I want the pages look great too. Of course, I want my planner to have my personal touch as well. So, I try to maintain my weekly planner stays within 2 pages and it does. To make sure that it stays within 2 pages, I use sticky notes at areas which is not scribbled yet.


    This saves space and maximise my usage on the planner. It beautifies my planner at the same time. Some weeks doesn’t fill up the entire 2 pages, so I fill it up with some scrapbook stuff to make it more pleasant and pretty to look at. Just if you’re wondering, I don’t plan ahead which means, I only start planning the night before on the exact day. If I have anything next week that I would like to remember, I will write on a sticky note and paste it at the next page, so that when I plan for the following week, I will look at the sticky note. I prefer it this way, so that I don’t have to mess my planner and avoid having empty pages in between. If I have something on a few months later, I have a future log which I have divided into 6 sections (by month) and I write the task or schedule there.



    Ryder Carroll uses linear view for the monthly schedule, although I did try the method but it wasn’t working for me because I am more of a visual person. The linear view was difficult for me to look at my schedule, so I used some of my Washitapes, clear stamps and some stickers to create this monthly view page.




    It has been a couple of months now and I’m still doing this diligently and I like it. What do you think? Would you try this method as well?

  • Self made Magnetic Calendar using Silhoutte Portrait

    I bought a calendar white board, so that I can have a quick look at how my schedules are like in a month. I do have a planner which have a monthly calendar and I do use it to jot down my monthly appointments and activities. But, having the whiteboard calendar will help my family members to see my schedules (my classes especially) when they plan their activities. Prior to this, I was using marker pens to jot down my schedules. I used coloured maker pens just to make a bit more colourful. However, the board did not look attractive coz my handwriting looked ugly :P. Furthermore, whenever I want to erase the board, it is so difficult coz the marker pens are dried off, probably coz I only erase the board after a month.

    So, I thought of using the magnetic sheet to print out the dates and my activities. It will look colourful and also gives me the leisure to move around the magnets if my classes schedule changes. I have also included my husband’s golf schedule in the calendar, so that I don’t have to ask my husband constantly when he’s playing.


    Anyway, I bought the magnetic sheet from Silhoutte Malaysia website for RM41 and after designing the icons and boxes, I print it out on a sticker sheet and paste it on the magnetic sheet. After that, I used my Sihoutte Portrait to cut the sheet. By the way, I didn’t print the designs straight on the magnetic sheet coz it was too thick to run on my Fuji Xerox printer. That’s why I had to print it out sticker sheet. I’m happy with the results and now the calendar look so much more colourful and neat. Love it!!! What do you all think??


  • Ipad Mini 2 is my new companion

    I am a big fan of Samsung devices. Ever since the first Note phone came into the market, I have continued purchasing it each time the new version was released. In fact, I loved it so much that I purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 as well. Unfortunately, that device died off and I needed RM700 plus just to replace the mother board. So, I thought I would just get a new one since I was starting my MBA at that time. I wanted a device that I could use to take notes. I wanted a smaller version since 10.1 size is just too heavy but the review on samsung galaxy note 8.0 was quite bad. Hence, I opted for the 10.1 (2014 Edition).
    To make a long story short, I did use the Note 10.1. I downloaded my class lectures (powerpoint) and took notes on it. However, the size of the device was a bit troublesome for me coz I needed to bring a larger size handbag. I don't bring my Note 10.1 everywhere so if I want to revise whenever I'm stuck somewhere (e.g: in traffic jam) I can't do that. On top of that, my writing is so bad coz I have to use a thin stylus to write on it (FYI, I prefer my pens to be thick, so that it's nice to hold and my fingers won't get tired when I'm writing). By the way, don't think I'm just simply condemning the Samsung products and trust me I'm not. I am using my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and personally I think no other device can replace that beauty. It's just that my preference for note-taking in my class is not fulfilled by the larger Note.
    So, what did I do in the end… I purchased iPad Mini 2. Well, I can hear already someone who undermines the ipad's capability. Of course, I do agree that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is superior when it comes to the technology that uses stylus. I did my research and I found that there are other manufacturers producing a stylus that can write on iPads as well. I've watched lots of Youtube Channels about the stylus for ipad that is available out there. After weighing the pros and cons, I made a decision to purchase the iPad Mini 2 and the Wacom Bamboo Fineline Stylus. And, yes, now all my notes are in my iPad Mini and when I'm studying for exam, I don't have to lug around with my physical notes. Isn't that awesome??



  • Unboxing Kikki K Time Planner – Lilac

    I am so happy that I finally got my hands on the Kikki K Time Planner. I’ve been always wanting to get my hands on it and when my husband went to Melbourne last year, I was tempted to ask him to buy the planner. But I was not willing to pay AUD79.95 for the planner… I mean after converting to our local currency that will be about RM240… Dayuuummmm… that’s expensive…


    So, when I saw that Kikki K has 50% off for their planners, I jumped on to purchase it immediately. I wanted to get the mint planner but it was about US50+, so I decided to get the lilac planner which was  priced at US39.95.. It’s a steal right… You might be thinking that I already have Filofax, why on earth would I want another a5 planner… well, I have too many things to write down such as Finance, blog, day to day planner, wishlist and the list goes on… I got Erin Condren last year (will blog about it later) and after about 2 months of usage, the front cover started to look so worn out, hence I uncoiled and moved it to my Filofax Finsbury. Unfortunately, it was too thick coz I already have some other stuff in it and I prefer to have a full year planner rather than 3 months in the planner coz I tend to look back at my appointments (e.g: when was my last car service) or my to dos as reference. That’s why getting a Kikki K planner is totally justified (hehehe…. yeah right).


    Uncoiling my Erin Condren


    Anyway, I would like to share with you guys the unboxing video of the Kikki K planner. I will be doing another video of the Erin Condren in my Kikki K planner later for those who would like to know how I setup my Kikki K with Erin Condren.


  • My Filofax – A5 Finsbury


    Happy New Year everyone!!! I have not been updating my blog lately. Juggling between studies, home and family can take a lot of time and tiring. I wanted to update my blog everyday but by the time I get to my computer, I will be so tired that I just want to go to bed :)


    Anyway, to help keep my world more organised, I jumped into the world of Filofax. Thanks to My Purpley Life, I’ve got into habit where I write things down to help me remember and complete tasks. Some of you may think that our smartphones can help us to keep us organised. I do agree with you but to tell the truth, by the time I enter my first task in my phone, I forget to enter the rest of the tasks that I suppose to do. Sometimes, pen and paper are the best to keep you on track. Well, let’s talk about my Filofax. This is Filofax Finsbury, A5 size. I got this from Amazon for $61.00 which is quite cheap compare to the original price which was about $99. It is pure leather and it opens flat on the table. The Finsbury certainly looks very elegant and rich, I enjoy my every moment when I open and write on it.


    I use this as my main overall planner where I plan my daily to dos, finance, wishlist, saving plan and so much more. I like Filofax a lot coz it gives me freedom to put in what ever I like in it, thanks to the 6- hole binder. I didn’t use the original Filofax coz it came with the 2015 weekly pages (I ordered this on September 2014), so I decided to do my own daily to do pages. I used Studiol2e stamps which I love so much by the way to decorate the pages. I got a few washi tapes online and voila, my planner inserts became attractive. I did my own tabs from Card Stock Scrapbook Paper which I bought many years ago. What I did was, I took the original Filofax dividers  and used it as template on the Card Stock and cut it. I punched holes on this divider using KW-Trio 6-hole Puncher. You can purchase it from Becon.my, I think it is about RM65.


    I stuck to this daily to do’s planning for about 2 months only as I find it quite cumbersome to decorate daily as I don’t like plain pages. Currently, I am using Erin Condren Life Planner which I have uncoiled and insert it in my Filofax. I like the way it is now coz I don’t have to decorate the pages a lot as it is already colourful. I am trying to organise the planner with some color coding, for example, I use Red for appointments, Purple for personal stuff. I am still unsure whether it suits me or not but hey… I enjoy trying different ways to do it until I find the perfect ones to suit me.


    I am glad that I found Filofax and Erin Condren to be more organised. All this while, I had so many diaries and planners but I only will be planning for about 2 weeks and then stop. It has been about 5 months now since I started this and it is still going strong. If you are interested to know how  I decorate my pages, please subscribe to my Instagram (cosmocrazewoman) as I post it there on weekly basis.

  • bollywood PROFESSIONAL @ MUSE Watsons


    Are you a big fan of Bollywood movies??? Well, I know I am and every time I put on make up, I do try to emulate some of the Bollywood stars. So, I was ecstatic when I found out that Bollywood Professional has made its way to Malaysia . Now, we can have all the glitz, glamour and beauty that we desire so much from the Bollywood film.


    Before I go on about the products, let me give a brief introduction about the Bollywood Professionals. Rani Birring who is born and educated in England is the Managing Director of bollywood PROFESSIONAL. With her hands-on approach to exquisite, skin-enriching formulations and silky textures, foundation shades for all races and skin-tones, glamourizing eye-shadows and pencils and extraordinary lipsticks, no stone was left unturned when it came to creating a full range of skin-care and colour-cosmetics. The products which is manufactured in New York are used on the film sets by the Bollywood film industry and is fast becoming a favorite among celebrities and women all over the world.


    When it comes to cosmetic, I wary about the quality and be very careful before I purchase them. Looking at bollywood PROFESSIONAL, you might ask me what is so special about this than any other product. First of all, being an avid user of cosmetics and trust me I have tried so many brands, I always find it difficult to find products that suits my skin colour. We are Asians and unfortunately, most of the cosmetic brands out there are pinkish tone and not yellowish which turns out ashy on our Asian skin.Liquid Lipstick


    That’s why when I heard about bollywood PROFESSIONAL, I knew that I am not going to have difficulties in finding the perfect shade for my skin tone. I must thank the Butterfly Projects for giving the opportunity to experience the brand personally at MUSE Watsons. Fyi, the brand does not only cover the cosmetics but also skincare and fragrance. My favourite is their ‘liquid lipstick’ which was the star of the day in the event that day. The colours are gorgeous and the best part is… it really lasted very long. I have very sensitive lips and the only lipstick that doesn’t give me chapped lips is ‘NYX’. Other brands even the most expensive ones gives me chapped lips within an hour after wearing it. So, when I tried the BP’s liquid lipstick, I was afraid it will cause the same but it didn’t. I was happy as a lark. I can also skip lip gloss when I wear the liquid lipstick because it is a 2 in 1 product (lipstick + lip gloss). The liquid lipstick which retails at RM92, shades are quite limited but it is okay for me because the colours that are available is pretty much basics that is preferred by everyone.


    I didn’t get a chance to try other products though but I am certainly interested to look at their primer since I have read about such good raves about it. For those who are interested in the product, bollywood PROFESSIONAL is doing a free makeover for those who purchase 2 products from them. So, hurry up, what are you waiting for?? For more information on the products, do check out their website at www.bollywoodpro.com. Currently, bollywood Professional products can be purchased from MUSE Watsons which is located in Sunway Pyramid and also Tangs in Malaysia.


    Thank you once again to Butterfly Projects for giving me an opportunity to attend the event and it was an event well done by our mamasan Tammy and her team. I am looking forward to attend more projects with them.



  • Review: Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Pack

    A few weeks ago, I got a chance to join the Butterfly Project- Beauty Bloggers – Himalaya Product Sharing Session. I am well aware of Himalaya products and a great fan of the brand’s Conditioner. If you have never heard of it, Himalaya Herbals is a range of natural, effective and safe products that use special herbs carefully selected from nature. I love products which contain herbal ingredients and when I found out that Himalaya Neem Face Pack contains Neem, I really couldn’t wait to try it when I got it. himalaya1

    First of all, you might be wondering what is Neem… Well, Neem (Azadirachta indic a) is an Indian lilac tree from the mahogany family. I remember when I was young, I had chicken pox, so my parents asked me to sleep on a white sheet with neem leaves on it coz the leaves are known to treat chicken pox. In fact, Indians love to plant a neem tree outside their house because it is known to keep diseases away. In fact, every part of the neem tree is very useful for various things.

    10569992_807220539308947_494159284_n So,I knew a face pack that contains neem, definitely would do good to my face. The Neem Face Pack which also contains turmeric and Fuller’s Earth helps to clean clogged pores, rejuvenates and firms up your skin. The antibacterial properties in Neem and turmeric helps eliminate acne that causing bacteria while Fuller’s Earth cools and soothes the skin. It is suitable for normal to oily skin.

    At first, when I squeezed some pack on my hand, my first thought was, ‘It look similar to GlamGlow’ which is a dark paste. The reason why the paste is dark in colour because of the ‘neem’. Caution : Please shake the tube well before pumping out the paste because it might come out a little watery if you don’t shake it first. I love the smell of the pack but if you are someone who has sensitive nose, the smell can be overwhelming. Even after removing the pack off my face, the fragrance smell was still there on my skin. It is quite rejuvenating actually.  

    himalayaface2   Directions : Apply evenly over cleansed face and neck, avoiding the area around the eyes. I just put on a very thin layer and I had apply it really quick because unlike other masks or packs, this one tends to dry really fast. After applying, allow to dry for 10 minutes, then you can remove with a wet sponge and wash with cool water. It is best if you remove it using a wet sponge. I didn’t have a wet sponge, so I just used a clean wet towel to remove the pack. Make sure you rub the towel/sponge gently when removing the pack, you don’t want to cause saggy skin later 😛 It is suggested that you use the mask twice a week but I have a sensitive and dry skin, so using it once a week is good enough for me.

    himalayabefaft I felt my skin was a lot smoother and I felt that my moisturiser absorbed better after applying Neem Face Pack. I also love the fact that the face pack fragrance smell was still there and it was really nice to walk around with the nice smell… hahaha… I realised that my pores are getting smaller too. If you are wondering, how long the product will last, it is expected to last about 6 months (expiry date from the date of opening).


    Retail Price = RM27.90 (150ml)

    Himalaya Neem Face Pack is sold in Himalaya Herbal Stores at Suria KLCC, Mid Valley Megamall, 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid, Empire Shopping Gallery, Setia City Mall, IOI Mall, Mines Shopping Fair, Wangsa Walk Mall, AEON – Taman Maluri, Ipoh Parade, Aeon Bandaraya (Melaka), AEON Tebrau City (JB), Gurney Plaza (Penang), Queensbay Mall (Penang), Sunway Carnival (Seberang Prai), East Cost Mall (Kuantan), Wisma Merdeka (Kota Kinabalu), The Spring (Kuching) and Palm Mall (Seremban)

    You can also find out more Himalaya at www.himalayahealthcare.com